Podcast Intros – Great Feedback

Podcast Intros – Great Feedback

With the launch of the PodcastIntros site… we needed to let people know we exist.  So in the effort of getting some recognition for our services, we reached out to a couple of shows that have been a great source of encouragement and helpful content over the time we’ve been sorting things here.

I listen a lot on my daily commute to business podcasts that help with online business development… getting the site structured and search engine friendly.  Some of my personal favourites are shows like:  Empire Flippers, Freedom Ocean, Autopilot Your Business, Small Business Big Marketing, Smart Passive Income, Eventual Millionaire and the like.  So we decided to reach out to these shows and offer some free podcast intros, sweeps and outros for their listening pleasure.

To a show, they all got back to me promptly with very appreciative and positive comments.

Tim Reid over at SBBM said: “Loved them, Carl.  Particularly the production values.”  then mentioned his preference for his current voice talent… which is perfectly fine with what we can do.

Kendra at Eventual Millionaire said: “Hey Carl – these are awesome. I’m going to forward them along to Jaime. I have also added you to our resource list so if there is anyone who needs voiceover/podcast intros I will send them your way! You rock… thanks for sending these over!”

Joe from Empire Flippers commented: “Wow Carl, love these! What can I say? What site should we promote when talking about these on the podcast?”

It’s feels so great to get some positive feedback from some pretty heavy hitters in the podcast world about something that’s finally been put out there.

Here’s to getting known, trusted and talked about out in podcast land.

So please, feel free to spread the word… podcast intros, podcast themes, podcast commercials… whatever you call them – we can make them sing for your show.

Cheers Carl



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