Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Podcast Intro?

A: If you have a podcast, we produce the music, voice and effects that are placed at the beginning, ending (or other) of the show to set the scene and inform / entertain your listeners.  We are the audio equivalent of the title sequence on your favourite movie.  Check out our DEMO page to hear examples of what we do.

Q: Can you produce other audio elements for me?

A:  Certainly.  If you need any audio related pieces (sweepers, bumpers, promos, segment intros etc) please ask.  We are more than happy to assist.  Need to “sweepers”, “bumpers” or even commercials producing…?  We can discuss the cost of such elements as they arise… but they won’t be expensive.

Q: How long does it take to make?

A:   We get things underway as soon as we get your order.  Please keep in mind that because we use voices from all over the world, it make take a day or so for them to voice your project.  Our aim is 48hrs (busy days) from receipt of your order to delivery.  But please allow time for weekends and local holidays to be covered too.  We get things done as quickly as possible.

Q: What file format is it sent in?

A: We keep the file small in size and send as a 320kb mp3 file.

Q: What if I don’t like it?

A:  We are happy to work with you to resolve your concerns.  If it’s something we’ve mispronounced or erred with, we are more than happy to correct.


Q: How do you send it to me?

A:  As the file is very small (normally under 1mb) we simply email you the finished product.  If you’d prefer it sending differently, please let us know – happy to help.


A:  This is the business entity that owns this site.

Q: What limitations are there on music purchases?

A:   Very few…. Please see our music licensing details on the music purchase page for exact details.