License Agreement

IB Audio License agreement

None of the music on this site has been registered with any PRO (performing rights organization) and as such is free from any PRO license fees (e.g. PRS, ASCAP, BMI, PPL etc…). All the music is copyright © IB Audio.   IB Audio owns ALL the rights to the music. Our music is 100% royalty free music.

You are granted the right to synchronize the music into your production under the following agreement.

All single song sales are covered by the Pro license.


Basic Account

  • Use in YouTube videos with monthly views up to 1 million
  • Music on hold (does not include bespoke music on hold productions)
  • Territory is worldwide
  • License term is in perpetuity (forever)


Pro Account

  • As above plus all the below
  • You may use our music for commercial and non-commercial use
  • Use on all social media platforms e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc…
  • There are no limits on the number of copies you can make and sell of your productions that include IB Audio music
  • The license covers broadcast and theatrical usage
  • Territory is worldwide • License term is in perpetuity (forever)
  • Use for Music on hold and in-store promotions
  • Ideal for voice artists for music on hold productions • Use in Film, Tv, apps, presentations etc…

*Not for use in ringtone apps or apps that allow free usage of the music

Cue sheets

If you are requested to file a cue sheet for your productions please use the following composer information along with the corresponding music title:

Composer – Ian Blumfield

Company – IB Audio


What you cannot do with our music

We allow pretty much anything, but you cannot simply re-sell IB Audio music as a music only product. It must be incorporated into a production where the music plays a supporting role to the main production.

Crediting If you are able to add a credit to your production we would greatly appreciate the recognition.

Adding Singing

We are now allowing you to add a vocal to our music. There are caveat to this, so please get in touch for details.

Educational Usage

The school/University/Collage can use the music for the purposes of teaching. There are no limits on the number of students.

The students are NOT allowed to use the music for their own commercial productions. They must purchase the music themselves for any project they wish to use outside of the school curriculum.

The School itself CAN use the music in their own productions for commercial usage as per the above standard license.